We are a World contractor specializing in construction planning, surveying and site development for transportation, flood control, oil and gas, heavy industrial, utilities and commercial markets.

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At Zag, We know that offering the lowest bid is not enough. Our expertise and services cover your entire project, from planning and design to site development and surveying. We are committed to meeting expectations of safety, project schedules and quality to ensure customer satisfaction and a job well done the first time.

Zag Construction currently has offices in the major cities around the world (and we operate satellite offices throughout the United States.) Bring us your challenge. We have the geographical and logistical reach to get it done right.

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At Zag Construction, each of us—whether president, superintendent, foreman or estimator—knows construction inside and out. We understand the value in offering the best people and equipment. Our people remain loyal because we challenge them with projects that offer them opportunities to grow. Their skill and efficiencies give our estimators the confidence to bid jobs lean without compromising quality or schedule.

We consistently hire people who have strong character, the skill to perform work with precision and an understanding of an honest day’s work. We are proud to employ more than 350 people throughout our locations, including dedicated staff for civil engineering, GPS modeling and design engineering.


At Zag Construction, we use state-of-the-art technology to help us fulfill project goals safely and on schedule. Our project managers and superintendents are trained annually with this technology to maximize safety and efficiency.

We utilize the latest software developed by HCSS for the heavy construction industry, including Heavy Job® field management and productivity software, Heavy Bid® for job estimating, Viewpoint Accounting Software to improve budget tracking efficiency, and The Dispatcher® for resource management.

Zag Construction Company also uses Primavera® P6 project management software to analyze, schedule and track progress on our current and upcoming projects. We also use GPS surveying, GPS machine control and computer software in order to build project plans with the most accurate information available.


On a moment’s notice, we can provide the right equipment for the project. Zag Construction owns an extensive fleet of heavy equipment, and we can secure additional equipment as needed, thanks to long-term relationships with key equipment dealers and suppliers.

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Angela Wakefield E.Personal Assistant

Jason SandersChief Engineer


Zag Construction Companies’ Asphalt Services are up to the challenge. Of the more than 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the United States today, 93% of these roads are surfaced with asphalt. This has led to an ever increasing demand for maintenance and rehabilitation. Engineers have continued to challenge contractors to produce and construct better pavements by modifying and tightening the construction specifications for asphalt, the result of which is seen in the increased performance of asphalt pavements, year after year.


Construction of sophisticated mechanical piping systems demands experienced and dependable teams. Whether the work involves tank building, piping, or major equipment installations, Zag Construction has the expertise to get the job done. We find the best way to build within severe operating constraints, to ensure cost efficiency and schedule optimization.


We have mastered concrete complexities. Our full-service approach provides you with unmatched efficiency, flexibility and service. As a total package concrete contractor, Zag Construction offers a variety of concrete construction and related services to meet your needs.


Zag Construction provides a wide range of utilities services for public and private sector clients throughout Minnesota, the central United States and the Gulf Coast. Installation requires experienced employees as well as utilizing the right equipment and latest technology. In order to ensure Zag Construction crews are meeting safety and environmental regulations, our project managers and field staff are trained in all the latest methods and procedures to meet the specifications and standards of every aspect of the job.

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